the delicacies of Jun

We are truly honored to introduce you to this immensely complicated, but elegantly simple, ancient beverage known as Jun. In Sandor Katz’s wonderful anthology,“The Art of Fermentation”, even Katz states,

"...some websites claim that it comes from Tibet, where it has been made for a thousand years; unfortunately, books on Tibetan food, and even a specialized book on Himalayan ferments, contain no mention of Jun.”

Jun tea is a fermented tonic made of green tea and honey. While Kombucha tea proliferates natural foods markets nationwide, Jun tea is still relatively unknown – hidden away for only the true seekers of health to discover.

Jun tea is shielded behind a veil of secrecy, hidden from sight and reserved as a rare treasure. The often-repeated legend of Jun cites its origins as the Himalayas, where it is brewed by monks and spiritual warrior nomads who roam the high grasslands of Tibet, or so the stories go. And the stories are repeated, and repeated, and Jun continues to be a secretive thing, enveloped in mystery and mysticism.